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A Song For Your Child 
DreamBIG Children's Festival 

Hackham West
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A Song For Your Child

May 2023


Imagine creating a brand-new lullaby that will last a lifetime, with the music and lyrics handed down through generations of your family. A Song For Your Child workshop was an opportunity for families to come together to collaboratively create six brand new lullabies as part of DreamBIG Children's Festival 2023. 

Across six separate one hour workshops, a team of Lullaby Artists guided participants through the lullaby-writing process as they co-composed the words and melody of a brand-new song to celebrate families, culture, connections, and community. 

This beautiful model of program aimed to empower parents and carers to develop the skills and confidence to write their own lullaby, with the guidance of our artists and the resources collated on the CREATE page of the website. 


This project was delivered in collaboration with the DreamBIG Children's Festival 2023

at Adelaide Festival Centre

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