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Hackham West

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After a year that brought many challenges and experiences of prolonged isolation, we recognise the vital role that music can play in community recovery, connection and positivity. 


Through a community grant from Australian Neighbourhood Houses & Centres Association, we delivered a brand new project for parents of babies in Hackham West and surrounding communities that focussed on building a strong community of connected families in the area. 


Parents of babies came together across a series of three songwriting sessions to create, record and perform a personal lullaby. Hush, Hush, was co-written as a gift for all babies and carers in the community. 

Hackham West

Lullaby Project Australia

June 2021

Hackham West

Project Artists: Naomi Keyte, Rachel Bruerville, Lee Pfitzner, Julian Ferraretto, Thea Martin

Artistic Director: Emily Gann

Sound Engineer: Paul Kolomitsev Videographer: Lila Kolomitsev

Community Coordinator: Belinda Pollar (Department Human Services, Hackham West)

Delivery Partners: Hackham West Community Centre, Hackham West Children's Centre


This project was delivered through a partnership with Connecting the Dots in Music  |  Hackham West Children's Centre

Hackham West Community Centre  |  City of Onkaparinga ​ |  Australian Neighbourhood Houses & Centres Association 

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