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A powerful way to communicate with your baby is through singing. Writing your own lullaby can be a unique gift for you and your family to treasure and share for years to come.

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Let's create...

This page invites you to create a personalised lullaby for your baby... No experience is required! Your song can be unique to you and your child, reflecting your culture, ideas, traditions, language or family. Children do not judge the quality of their parents’ voice! It is the love, attention, expression and bond they receive when they are sung to that is most valued.


Listen to example

These 9 melodies were composed specially by Lullaby Project Australia artists in Adelaide. You may like to use one of these as a template melody for your own lullaby lyrics. 

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Lullabies composed by Julian Ferraretto, Hilary Kleinig, Jodie O'Regan

You can start writing your lullaby by brainstorming ideas for your lyrics:

  • Writing a letter to your baby is a perfect way to develop words for your lullaby.  

  • Imagine that your child keeps this letter for inspiration and guidance throughout life...    

  • What do you most want to share with your child? What would you want to say?    


Here are some themes that you might like to explore:    

  • dreams and wishes

  • family or cultural traditions

  • night-time routines

  • sayings or phrases you like to use

  • unique features or personality of your baby

  • love and connection   


favourite things about my baby


words to describe my baby


nicknames for my baby


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When creating the lyrics
here are some steps to help guide you:   

  • Highlight some key words/sentences from your letter to form the basis of your song.

  • Repeating a simple phrase can be a great way to build a chorus.

  • Rhyming can help build rhythm and structure, but it is not essential.

  • Lullabies don't need to be long, once you have a few lines written down you are ready to start singing! 



Click to read article by Emily Gann on how to write your very own lullaby for your child

When thinking about the music, consider:

  • What style of music do you enjoy listening to?

  • Does your baby respond more to certain types of music?

  • Do you want your song to soothe and calm your baby?

  • Or is your song something you will dance/bounce to?

  • Are you hoping for a humorous and light-hearted feel, or a more reflective and emotive mood?

It is time to start singing... Trust your own musical intuition,
and remember that simple is often best.      

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  • Stay within a vocal range that is comfortable.

  • Feel free to repeat the same musical ideas, repetition is essential for young babies as they learn and discover the world around them.

  • You can sing to your baby at any time - bedtime, bath time, playtime, during family visits etc.

  • Go for it! You have musical creativity within you, and you may surprise yourself with the song you can make.

  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with melodies you already know.    


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watch our song writing video for some tips...  

These resources were developed by Connecting the Dots in Music with the support of Arts South Australia. 

If you would like to find out more about upcoming Lullaby Project Australia programs near you, connect with us via our website and social media platforms. 


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