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Lullaby for Sammy J 

Lullaby Project Australia completes a song in a day for ABC Melbourne

Some of our best Lullaby Project Australia musicians were invited to compose, record and broadcast a lullaby in a day for Sammy J as part of the ABC Melbourne's 24 hour marathon broadcast to raise money for SecondBite. The bespoke new lullaby incorporated lyrics from callers and listeners in the early hours of the morning. Thanks to the amazing team - Jodie O'Regan, Emily Gann, Julian Ferraretto and Naomi Keyte - who worked hard across the day and night to meet this awesome challenge!

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ABC Radio National Drive

Jodie O'Regan speaks on RN Drive about The Lullaby Project

Lullaby Project artisti, Jodie O'Regan, shares her experiences and highlights as an artist on Lullaby Project programs across South Australia. 

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Women in Innovation Winner

Founder Emily Gann wins a Women in Innovation Award 2023

Women in Innovation (WINN) is a not-for-profit initiative that supports innovative women in South Australia. WINN is passionate about supporting those who are willing to break boundaries, experiment, and be their authentic selves.

“It was an incredible honor to receive a WINN Award in recognition of the success, growth, and impact of Lullaby Project Australia across diverse communities in the state. It was especially thrilling to have the Arts and creativity acknowledged in such a prestigious way - high-level public recognition of music-making’s deep value and integral role in strengthening our well-being and building strong, connected communities."


ABC Radio National

Julian Morrow interviews Emily Gann on Sunday Extra

"The Lullaby Project' brings parents and carers together with professional musicians to compose personal lullabies for their children. Now the Project has been nominated for a Ruby Award that recognises the work they have done across the regions of South Australia."

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ABC Adelaide

New parents create bespoke lullabies to connect with babies

"A concept created in New York to connect parents with their babies is booming in South Australia.

Lullaby Project Australia enables new mothers and fathers to collaborate with musicians to write and sing personal lullabies for their babies.

Founding Director, Emily Gann told Leigh Radford the initiative is "transformative for parents".

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Carnegie Hall Concert

Toby's Song performed live at Carnegie Hall

“Toby’s Lullaby” from our 2021 Helen Mayo House project was performed live at Carnegie Hall on June 4. Co-written by Belinda Wahry with Lullaby artist Naomi Keyte. (Watch at 58min). This artist-in-residency Lullaby Project model took place across a six week period. Families accessing services from Helen Mayo House collaborated with two Lullaby Artists to create their own unique song for their child, as well as contribute to the creation of a bespoke Helen Mayo House lullaby - a gift to all families into the future. 

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SBS News Story

Building babies' connections with country through song

Tuntun Polar project encourages parents and Kinship Carers  to connect foster children to their First Nations culture and community connections. Built in collaboration with The Willows Children’s Centre and Child and Family Health Services (CaFHS), and in consultation with Senior Peramangk Woman, Mandy Brown. This new program sees the co-creation of lullabies that explore each child’s identity, connection to culture and family. 

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News Story

Connection through lullabies

In connection with the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation and SA Health's Helen Mayo House, a brand new artist-in-residency Lullaby Project model is taking place across a six week period. Families accessing support through Helen Mayo House will be invited to collaborate with two Lullaby Artists to create their own unique song for their child, as well as contribute to the creation of a bespoke Helen Mayo House lullaby - a gift to all families into the future. 

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ABC Podcast

Babytalk: The Lullaby Project Miitu Palti (Sleeping Song)

In this week's Babytalk Podcast you will meet Artistic Director of the Lullaby Project Australia Emily Gann, who explains how the project works, what the parents and musicians are getting from the project and the joy of composing a lullaby for your baby.

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ABC Article

ABC Classic FM
How to Write your own Lullaby

Emily Gann

Posted Wed 13 Nov 2019, 10:45am

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Award Winners

The Ruby Awards 2020

We are thrilled that Lullaby Project Australia was awarded an Arts SA Ruby Award for 2020 in category for Best Community or Regional Event or Project. Thank you to all our supporters and to the South Australian Government for this recognition. Congratulations to all our partners, artists and participants involved!

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Research Publications

Produced for Carnegie Hall, New York

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“Music matters because it

fosters relationship, exercises a range of emotions, builds expressive skills including language, sparks learning, and preserves and celebrates cultural heritage and a sense of belonging.

It works across people, activities, and settings, offering a promising, and too often underused, resource for mutual ties and human development.”


“No matter our backgrounds

and past stories, every new parent wants a child to feel loved and accepted no matter what. They want them to know that they'll never be alone, never be turned away and want them to have the freedom to discover their own path and potential.” 


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