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Neonatal Unit

Flinders Medical Centre

Hackham West

The first project of its kind in Australia, our 6 week artist-in-residency Lullaby Project took place in the Neonatal Unit at Flinders Medical Centre. Parents were invited to collaborate with Lullaby Project Australia musicians, Jodie O'Regan and Luke Thompson, to craft bespoke words and melodies for their little babies as they grow strong enough to be taken home for the first time. 

Nurses also contributed words to form their own lullaby, "We Take Care of the Smallest People in the World" - a song that speaks about the wonder, the challenges, the emotions, and the many amazing moments of life as a Neonatal Nurse. 

All lullabies were recorded onsite with Jodie O'Regan, Luke Thompson, and parent-songwriters. You can hear six of these beautiful and heartfelt songs here on this page. 

We thank all the wonderful and brave families, nurses and musicians who made this project so inspiring for all involved. We hope to spread this powerful project model to other neonatal settings across the country. 

Neonatal Unit
Flinders Medical Centre

Lullaby Project Australia

July-August 2023

"I really loved having you come into this very clinical space and provide a beautiful break for our families to create something that will last a lifetime. Thank you for all of your efforts and your amazing musical abilities and being so understanding with our unit and the families."
Nurse, Flinders Medical Centre

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